Still Saturday–Birds of the Air

Momentarily noticing the busy birds

bouncing against the blank, brown ground,

scratching for food in the winter,

they fly to the feeder,

confident their Father will supply the

seed they need.

Holy Spirit reminds me….

I am more precious to him than the birds

of the air.

Matthew 6:26

linking up today with Sandra Heska King at Still Saturday

4 thoughts on “Still Saturday–Birds of the Air

  1. Diana, you're right about the view…we missed Yosemite a LOT when we left Central CA and we do have a beautiful replacement. God is good. I saw on your Blogger profile you're in Santa Barbara–we have family there and visited many many times over the years. I look forward to reading more of what you have to share! thanks for checking in.


  2. What a view you've got. Wow! CA transplant, eh? I've lived here my whole life, love to visit other places – but this is home, right here on the central coast. Your view, however, reminds me that there is beauty to be found in lots of places! Thanks for this.


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