Five Minute Friday–In Process

Place Marker, Rainier Nat’l Park 2011  jlc
What do I ache for, long for? 
To be a reflection of my Father. 
 I wrote this in my journal last week:
“The season of Lent is always a
Giving up
A counting down
   (to Resurrection Day)
A Letting in
A Letting Go
The smartest way I know of changing to be like Jesus is just let go.
C.S. Lewis wrote this for Ash Wednesday (from ‘A Slip of the Tongue’)
“What God does for us, He does in us.
The process of doing it will appear to me to be
the daily or hourly repeated excercises of my own will,
in renouncing this attitude, especially each morning,
for it grows all over me like a new shell each night.”
I’m so grateful for a new start each day.  A clean slate and fresh power.
That eases the ache.
Writing in Community with Gypsy Mama and Co.-
word for today “Ache”
Yippee–did it!  Five minutes. 

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday–In Process

  1. Jessie, thanks for your sweet note. I was holding my newest grandchild–Luke Ezra. Number 5….and I see you have 5 children, also. Wow, blessed, busy woman.
    I'll check out Blog Schmog when I have some time later…


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