Red Read

     My son Aaron drew this, circa 1981

Last week I had a day off–yippee!–to go to Traffic Court. 
Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a Playdate with God. (You’ll see why.)
As I drove along in the car, I ‘wrote’ this poem–I put it on paper when I got home.

Traffic court assembly,

A crew, United Nations-like

Standing in a not-line waiting to see

The Judge.

I’m here about my red car

That (they say) ran a red light,

Thanks to the ever-ready camera.

I’ve come to differ.

Surviving the intrusion of airport security

Come to this small town clerk’s room,

We file in; I sit front and center,

Ever the eager “See me? I want an A” student.

Not long to wait—

I’m alphabetically blessed–

Capital letter C.

I lean over to the young girl next to me

Penning her grocery list,

“I hope they don’t show those insidious videos here

In front of everyone. That would be embarrassing.”

I’m blushing red at the thought.

“That’d be like standing in front of God

At the bench, having the whole world view your life.”

She rolls her  eyes in response,

Exhales through rounded lips

A pregnant “Whoa………” of worry at the thought.

I recall my Pastor’s message from yesterday

And the words roll out before I can retrieve them,

“I’m glad that Jesus covers it all for me.”

Mr. Your Honor the Judge calls my name.

After reviewing the tape he declares,

“Mrs. C, the evidence is insufficient and because of

A technicality, your fine is dismissed. 

There is no need to pay.”

I think about The Judge

who’s passed my sentence onto His Son

And writes in red, “Dismissed.”
c. 2012  Jody Lee Collins
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This post originally appeared on my Poetry page on Feb. 23rd,2012.
It was included in the Tweetspeak Poetry ‘Red’ selections.

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