Homing Orb {a poem}


Sideways glancing, face atilt
she watches, a wondering
at our wandering,
solemnly sees our not-seeing.
How can they miss all this—
the faithful lumen bursting barren emptiness,
Sun’s reflection, co-anchoring the sky?
They say there’s a man in the moon
who’s in love with the girl in the world…
but I think it’s the reverse.
Nurturing nightlight,
with feminine traits
worrying at our forgetfulness to
Just Look Up.
She somberly sits and waits,
as mothers are wont to do,
waits for us to wonder anew,
bear witness to her faithfulness
and find our way home
by that glorious light.
Photo Google Images, Nat’l Geographic

Writing in Community today with Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday.
The word is ‘Empty.’ 
I wrote this last night….doesn’t God always know?

you can join us too!
more of my poems here

3 thoughts on “Homing Orb {a poem}

  1. “Mrs. B”–thanks for stopping by. I visited your site and gleaned a little bit about you. Some of my closest friends are southern gals from Florida, Georgia, Texas and New Orleans. God bless you as you shine for Jesus!


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