Speaking English-Five Minute Friday

Around here we write for Five Minutes on Friday. 
It’s fun–won’t you join us?

“L-o-u-d. That’s the ‘ou’ sound in out. 

You know, the opposite of ‘in.’ 

Let’s get the slinky and stretch it out.  Which two sounds do you hear?

First there’s the ‘ou……………..” then the ‘t’. 
There, you can do it.”

J is taking his spelling test for the 2nd time. 
When I work with students like J, there are a lot of accommodations. 

The test only had 10 words–two with ‘ou’–out and our.

(Well, there was ‘brown’ but that’s ‘ow’ like in cow and now.

No wonder English is hard to learn!)

He tries his best and finishes his test, pencil laid on the table, slaps the paper–

“There Mrs. Collins, I did it. “

He has 3 correct.

I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to understand English–the rules just make no sense.

We’ll try again next week. 

Get the slinky out.  Stretch out the sounds.

Take the time and get it right.

It occurs to me that the most important thing for J is maybe not that he get 100% on his spelling test but that he knows I care enough to take time with him.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

There, done.

5 minutes.  wow.

4 thoughts on “Speaking English-Five Minute Friday

  1. Lyla, I'm a classroom asst. (our district calls them Paraeducators) for Special Ed–I've been doing this for 4 years. My credential expired last June–I taught for about 20 years in Elementary through Middle School, but decided to be 'just' an assistant.
    My time is spent with K-3 and 4-6th graders who are developmentally disabled or autistic. J is 11 years old.


  2. This has been true in my own life. I seek out people not for how much they know but for the attitude of their heart. I would much rather be with someone who is genuine. And I feel sorry for anyone who has to learn the English language, it has to be so hard. Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments at my place. I so appreciate your kindness.


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