Gift–5 Minute Friday

alys beach, fla.  l. richardson

I despaired last Tuesday of being SO late to work.  The 10 minute commute shrinks more and more as I try to squeeze one last thing into my morning.  I had been busy ‘visiting’ on the internet, communicating, reading around, catching up.

“Not a good witness to my friends at work,” I thought, “to be late.” 
And I said I wanted to live to glorify Jesus.  This is really pushing it.

The guilty, accusing thoughts kept playing over and over in my head.
“Boy, you’re just living in your flesh, sitting around, chatting, chatting, when you should be getting ready for work.”

So–I finally made it out the door and 2 minutes into my neighborhood, there is my brother walking along the street to get his mail. 
We literally live only 2 minutes away from each other but our lives don’t often cross outside of church on Sundays.  Sad.

And there he was.  My heart had been heavy all week because I knew my sister in law was out of state caring for her father, who had passed away. My brother had been bacheloring for 3 weeks. He looked haggard. And he was, working 12 hour days 7 days a week because his contracting work had finally picked up. 

I was so warmed by being able to reach through my car window and squeeze his hand and say an “I love you.”  Just to touch him in person….I meant so much to me.
I thought, “Father, my life and schedule really ARE in your hands.”

And then, “God, how like you to give us the gift of your grace when we least think we deserve it.”

I smiled all the way to work.

(5 minutes, 90 seconds for editing.)

Around here, we write 5 Minutes on Fridays–Join us?

6 thoughts on “Gift–5 Minute Friday

  1. Sounds like me, only in a different situation! And I'm often stunned at how He's made opportunities for kindness or counsel when I KNEW I least deserved it and was, in myself, the least fit for giving it. Grace, yes, grace! Marvelous gift!


  2. Isn't wonderful when we allow God to create our schedule! They we give ourselves the ability to work for Him. For His glory. How blessed your brother was for your touch.
    Many blessings,


  3. You might have thought you were late for work, but you were right on time for your Divine Appointment. I am always encouraged when I see God's work so clearly. Thanks for sharing this, and in 5? Well done! I'm here from 5 Minute Fridays, and I'll be back.
    Peace and good to you.


  4. I love this it is beautiful. HE really DOES know our schedule!

    5 minute and 90 seconds for editing…editing?!?!? Girl, that is part of the fun – no editing! 🙂

    So glad you stopped by to visit.


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