Holy Week

My husband and I attended an Art of Marriage event at our church this weekend.
We spent a lot of time talking about sin–yes, sin, because at the root of everything that causes conflict and growth in a marriage is dealing with the ‘me’ part in our marriage.  My selfishness, my pride, my stuff.
But oh, the joy– we also talked about forgiveness.

So–mindful of this Holy Week marking our Saviour’s death, I wanted to paint a picture–in tempera and words.
I’ve never used watercolor paper before, which is apparent; it is a child’s painting.  However, I think it reflects the Father’s heart and the words He gave me.

Blood Flow

Where does all that life go?
how far
how wide
how deep
how long
Can it truly reach?

Only through the scoured places
where channels are carved
through open wounds
with high walls,
making way for the wonder of
His life.

It will never stop–
Descending from that mountain
past temples torn in two
curtains rent, shattering rock
sailing my sin all the way
down to the sea…..

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3 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. Karin–thank you. the words just flowed out after the picture came to me. you, the artist, I bet that happens on a regular basis. 🙂
    and the book–'twil come in the perfect time, I'm sure.
    take care.


  2. Beautiful mom, so happy to read that Jesus worked on you guys this weekend…would you recommend the classes for William and I? That painting is beautiful too, I like how the red is dripping down the paper. loves!


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