Rock of Ages

In the Women’s Small Group at my house we’re going through the Gospel of John. 
(“You can drown in John,” my  pastor friend Parris said. 
She’s right.  This will be our 5th week and we’re just finishing the first chapter. Smile.)

In the book of John, Jesus calls himself many things–The Shepherd, the Door, the Way, The Word, Bread of Life. Living Water.
The metaphors all fit.
But the one that has been speaking to me the most is The Rock.

‘Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me’ has been going through my head….and it just occurred to me  to observe the parallels in the Old and New Testaments.

Here’s something I wrote with all of that in mind:

Rocks at my feet
Granite gray, growing grace
giving voice to God.
Ageless rock, one with a cleft
In which to hide
‘a place by me where you shall stand…’

The prophet fit in,
folding himself against the wall,
as God’s glory passed by.
Being saved from certain death,
Servant man covered;
Yahweh’s hand held up
as power paraded in full sight.

Rock of ages cleft for me
Me hidden, held close
cleanly kept because
of his cleaving,
torn asunder
to carry my wrong.

My Rock on which to stand.
This time beholding him face to face,
Seeing His glory revealed
through the crack
of the Father’s heart
Split, blood spilt
to shelter me.

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7 thoughts on “Rock of Ages

  1. Victoria–thanks for the kind comments. The heart rocks are ones I've been given or just found.
    Re: studying John–I'm in the Seattle area, a bit far away from Reno, but close in spirit. Thank goodness for the internet–type me sometime if you want to compare thoughts/notes.
    I look forward to whatever prompting you bring via dVerse–such great words are there each week.

    Have a blessed Easter!


  2. Jody, this is a wonderful post. Love both the photo and your poem. About John…I'm just finishing working my way through him again (agree, drowning) and I feel like I must have been somewhere else. Wish I was near wherever you are. It would be could to bounce it off someone.

    On my blog you made a great suggestions about doing a dverse prompt on poetry. Something tells me I already did that, but it might have been on my own blog. If not on dVerse, I may just mine your idea for my next turn which is a couple of weeks off. Thanks.


  3. I, too, have been so struck the past few weeks with this same image. It seems that in every story, every account I am reading, the object lesson pops out. So incredibly thankful that HE is our rock!


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