Five Minute Friday–Opportunity

Soooooooo, it’s Friday and that means 5 Minute Friday with Lisa Jo at Gypsy Mama–
Get the word and write like crazy.

‘Firefall’–Yosemite National Park

I remember being 20 years old, a newlywed alone for the first time–husband out of town, and friends going up to Yosemite National Park (about an hour away) invited me to come.

There is very little I can recall about that day, except this:
40 years ago (yep!) there was a lake there called Mirror Lake.  I googled it; apparently it appears only parts of the year as the rains pool in Tenaya Creek.  And it is slowly becoming Mirror Meadow.

At any rate, it was a lake with a G I G A N T I C  monolith of granite at the edge, perfect for jumping off of. 

That was the thing to do, it appeared, so I got in line behind the young friends.  Ah, youth!

One after another of them stood at the edge of the rock, pondered the clear waters below and made the leap.

It was finally my turn.

I stood there for a very long time.  Enjoyed the view.  Really.
Pondered–it was a long way down–twenty feet?   Was the water deep enough?
Even in a valley summer heat the water would be very cold.

People started encouraging me–yelling at me–they wanted a turn.

I J U M P E D…..

I still to this day cannot believe I did it.

But it’s something I’ll always remember.

5 minutes.   Done. yay!

Join us? 


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday–Opportunity

  1. Sometimes it takes more courage to stand, other times, it's harder to jump.

    I'm glad you took the leap, you'll never forget that moment of freedom.

    Thanks for sharing it!


  2. First – five minute friday is a great idea.

    Second – love your leap. I had one like that in which I almost killed myself! Very memorable. I was not aware of the danger, only that I was so afraid that I stuck a couple of fingers literally through my bathing suit so that I was bleeding but only from my own scratches – i.e. I ended up missing the rocks! Fun piece. k.


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