Running in Place

It’s like a bad dream–
footfalls repeating their pattern
on the same path
going nowhere.

There is no danger,
yet you flee
in the wrong direction
away from the One
who will bring rest

Listening instead to the old, lying voices
keeping you from freedom
telling you another way
this way
any way
but the Only Way,

when all the time
He’s waiting there
at the end of the trail,
arms outstretched
to receive your frame,
bringing release from
the unnecessary flight
saying to you–
“You’re home.”
sharing with all the other amazing blessed writers with Emily at  Imperfect Prose Thursdays

8 thoughts on “Running in Place

  1. Karin, I actually had someone else in mind when I wrote this…someone not walking towards God at the moment. It was kind of like a prayer poem.

    this was a sweet thought, though, and an even better prayer–that she/we all 'hear only His heartbeat.'

    Thank you.


  2. here's what's funny……I had a family member in mind when I wrote this, who's not exactly walking with God. Yesterday was her birthday and I wrote this for her.
    But it can be a 'welcome home' poem, too.


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