Weather System

Texas Sky April 2011   jlcollins

standing with a family member this week who is going through a storm…


are roiling in the distance,
stacking up East-wise,
threatening to move in–
move in and dump.
but they’re white-r
than white can be
and only so much vapor—yes?

I imagine their

rumbling high over
those distant mountains,
molecules making mess and mayhem,
coming this way.

We stay

we stand.
no running for cover.
hand over hand, huddle-like,
we refuse the fear they
are wont to bring.

all noise and show and billow,

pillow-high, they are forced
skyward by the
whether** system
moving their way,
dissipating feather-like,
gossamer strands unraveling and
blowing invisible

The storm?
Oh, we’re ready…..

**Ps. 46:6,7

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13 thoughts on “Weather System

  1. we finally got a storm last night…amazing…and made it cool this morning…so i know the relief a storm might bring…and not wanting to miss it…this goes beyond a storm though to me…smiles….enjoyed…


  2. First – the photo is just beautiful. But this whole idea of the “whether” system is so clever. It's the ambiguity that sometimes gets you – those moments before the storm hits (or is over) and you just don't know how bad it's going to be. That can be harder than the bad stuff. (Well, maybe not the really bad stuff.) AT any rate, loved the billowing and pillowing of this! Take care! Hope you get some cooler days! k.

    PS – this is me Karin, Manicddaily – your blog keeps wanting to use an old blogger account that I never really used called outlawyer – it's fine, but just to say.


  3. we are neighbors at PD today…love this poem…standing strong…not hiding in fear…may His love carry you and your family right to the very center of the storm…His heart…where there we find our peace. blessings to you~


  4. Beautiful prose, Jody! If you're anything like we are here in Southern Illinois, you're wishing those storm clouds would dump some much needed rain! This season without rain has me considering spiritual implications as well. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!


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