Throw open the Doors

“Get into the habit of dealing with God
about everything. 
Unless in the first waking moment of the day you learn to fling the door wide back
and let God in,
you will work on a wrong level all day;
but swing the door wide open
and pray to your Father in secret,
and every public thing
will be stamped with the Presence of God.”
Oswald Chambers, ‘My Utmost…’ August 23rd
Photos by the Author, top–NOLA, bottom, Seattle, WA
Linking with Friday Florilegium and Kimberlee
for more words that speak like rain,
and with Sandy for Still Saturday

5 thoughts on “Throw open the Doors

  1. Hi Jody!

    Thank you for dropping by E1A yesterday. I love these link ups because they afford us the opportunity to meet many new sisters in Christ.

    I love what you have posted… and the word “public” in this post makes it every so spot on re: a pressing situation! This is a beautiful post and I am so glad you were my neighbour at 'Still Saturday” this week.


  2. That first verse is a powerful one….get in the habit of dealing with God about everything. Oswald Chambers is another treasured companion in the walk – keeping me on the straight and narrow. Have a beautiful weekend.


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