Pears falling–thunk and plop–

on barren, yellow grass
alone, uncarried.
The tree bore fruit
but there is no one
to eat thereof.
(is it still a tree?)

               Upraised branches,

so much verdant waterspray
towards the sky,
still and soft against
the blue–
but no one to see.
(is it still a tree?)

              Oaken limbs, worn

with carrying children
to and fro,
pumping, playing
but no one now
hears the
joy in the swing.
(is it still a tree?)

Carpenter fashions these
woodly beams,
dangerous to the flesh,
carried for miles
to the top of a hill-
everyone sees:

              It was a tree.
Jody L. Collins c. 2012

Sharing with Cheryl for the True Vine Challenge and
with Sandy and friends for Still Saturday and
The Sunday Community

14 thoughts on “Trees

  1. ah really love the spiritual message in this…at first i was thinking of a tree falling in the woods and would anyone hear it….nice play off that…does it make it any more or any less real that someone sees it?


  2. Neat, Jody. A blessing, as usual. Made me think of something I saw in Soroti, Uganda. Tree issues were something very serious during my stay there, b/c the refugees needed to have wood for cooking, etc. Most of the trees that the Brits had taken care of for many years before they had left about 30 years before this hit, were still doing pretty well. And then this invasion had hit. WELL, most trees had lost their bark, some unusual kinds with large roots growing up and up and surrounding the tree were used as a men's toilet [YUK!], but the fun one: a young boy laying on top of a small tree branch, hands and legs clasped around it, while other kids bounced it up and down, giving him a ride.

    So, trees are among my favorite parts of life!! And your poem, photo, heart were loverly today.

    [ALSO, re: the story I sent. Just b/c it has many more chapters than originally intended for you, take whatever time you need. You're one busy cookie… I can't risk driving you nuts.]


  3. Berry–thank you for stopping by. I've seen interviews about Nick–wow, talk about God using a tragedy for his glory.
    “If you can't get a miracle, become one.”

    With God's power and strength we all can.

    Bless you.


  4. I love Sundays! Thank you for your wonderful words.
    I attended the online Saddleback Church service today to hear Nick Vujicic. His words truly touched my heart. I can not believe how emotional I still am.
    “If I fail, I try again,again,and again.. If you fail, are you going to try again? If you can't get miracle, become one”. Nick Vujicic


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