Strong Trees

Josh Groban is
heavenly hollering
“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”.
The sweet and gentle
resolution of the violin and oboes
slows me down to hear your
soft love.

Not the out loud from
the rooftops kind,
but quiet as the roots of
a tree digging down
in the dark,
seeking support
where we need it.

You tether and train the branches
so I can build a tree house
for all the world to see up top,
waving bright flags
to the busy, noisy world
calling, “Isn’t life grand?”

But your towering quiet
reminds me
a tree is beautiful and strong,
growing not just up and out
but down as well,
anchored in what matters–
the soil of who you are
living with the leaves of
who I am,
splendoring the world
with shade and space,
quiet, strong, sure.

You stay put and
I’ll climb up,
letting the banners fly,
declaring these words,
“Isn’t God grand?”

Jody L. Collins c. 2012
Three months ago when my husband was getting ready retire I was not looking forward to the transition. A friend who prayed for us gave us this verse, which was a little odd at the time, but it actually fits perfectly.  To my surprise and delight my precious husband has the kitchen clean when I get home from work, vacuums the floors (his idea) and sorts our clean laundry without me asking.  AND, he doesn’t mind when I listen to Josh singing his heart out with the volume way up while I cook.  Yes, my husband is a gift. And yes, our God is grand.  (Thinking of something my friend Emily Wierenga wrote about marriage…) and linking with the Soli Deo Gloria Community

Finding Heaven
and with dVerse Pub for Open Link Night #67.

11 thoughts on “Strong Trees

  1. Beautifully written, Jody. Don't stop. You said it poured out of you – that's inspiration you can't force, but God responds to our eagerness to be used by Him. Desire, trust, willingness, and availability make us open conduits for the next inspiration. ~ Melanie Forester ~


  2. Heavenly hollering…love that. But the thought of “growing not just out and up but down as well,anchoring what really matters…” is just beautiful. I love trees–especially of the sheltering kind. And a tree growing like this would certainly shelter.


  3. quiet as the roots of
    a tree digging down
    in the dark,
    seeking support
    where we need it..i so love that part…and we have been given such great analogies in nature by their creator in how to truly live….trees weather the storms and grow ever stronger…


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