Five Minute Friday–Quiet

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Five Minute Friday post but I have a day off and I’m up before the husband.  Writing.  I always wake up writing.  Time to get the thoughts down on virtual paper, listen to Jesus’ voice and let Him type through me.

It’s 6:38 and the heat has just come on–I’m wrapped in an alpaca blanket, gift from a sister who went to Peru.  Earl Grey tea is steaming on the coaster next to me. 

And it is quiet.

This is a gift–it is all a gift.  To be able to get up early when I should have been so exhausted.  Need to pack for a four day trip–get the house clean, bake a pie, finish the laundry, pay the bills.

How would I get it all done?  Jesus always knows what we need–even before we ask.

I’m so grateful for his gifts that He gives in the Quiet.

6:43. Five Minutes. Done.

The inimitable Lisa Jo Baker provides a writing prompt each Friday for the brave souls who want to jump in and share. 
You can read more of their work here.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday–Quiet

  1. Absolutely. When I need His peace I just turn to Him and get quiet, receive quiet, thankful for quiet.
    Love God!
    PS: love that pic too. We're all a little off-kilter … probably so Jesus can prop us up.


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