Special Delivery

I know……..silent, sort of.  But God dropped this in and I need to share…pray, please? For a sister.

They say the holiday season
is the most wonderful time of the year
but it can be terrible
and I think of the ramping up
with such a force and fury
out there in this searching world,
readying for That Day
when we celebrate That Birth.

There’s all that noise beforehand–
the parties and the presents
and the people
having ears but not listening
having eyes but not seeing.

And you on the phone
softly sobbing to yourself,
“just breathe, just breathe”
through this hard changing,
and I  remind you of
labor and LaMaze and
the mantra that makes
you listen–
breathing with you in the middle of the noise
and the pain and the blood
of new birth.

You’ve never had children
(and the distress is not about that,
but the ache and agony of letting go).
I tell you it’s called Transition–
the painful change brought on by labor,
hard work that leads to new life.
Holding on and clamping down
and yelling out
that yields to joy on the other side.

But I know on this side
you must go it alone, pushing through;
I am powerless.
I can stand and hold the phone
but I cannot hold your hand
and I pray to myself in between
my words (“I’m right here”)
“Father, reach out your hand
break through with your touch
breathe in with new life
and birth this new born babe.
She is ready.”
Linking with the comunity at Imperfect Prose, where the Guest Post by Brandee Shafer is about birth….I had no idea.

10 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. def strong and i will pray….the holidays can be rather beastly for many a time of remembering those that have passed…and so many without…this year in particular it seems…unmet expectations and…ugh…felt…and yes praying…smiles..


  2. Jody – I don't know why my other comment didn't show up. This is such an interesting poem. When I first read it I read it as about birth (physical) though the ages and phone didn't seem to make complete sense, but I understand better now Very very vivid and interesting. k.


  3. Jody- How poignant and such a timely lament for those who will be lonely this holiday season…May I offer a prayer that Christ will be formed in each one of us as we pass through from death unto life. I have been thinking that “birth” will be the theme of my advent musings this year…but before the joy, comes the groaning and the waiting…


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