Ps. 37 Week Two–Live off the Land

Welcome back!
Every Wednesday for the next 7 weeks or so, I’d like you to pull up a chair, a pillow or cushion, grab a cup of something hot and join us as we sit around the virtual ‘living room’ talking about God’s Word together.

Each of our weekly ‘walks’ (which is why I chose the pathway photo above) will be reviewing 4 or 5 verses at a time, asking questions, defining words, and shining light on some of the gems I’ve discovered.

I’ll include my email address at the end if you’d like to ask a question or make a comment. I so look forward to hearing from you.
I realize I said we’d be camping here for 8 weeks–I thought we’d certainly be able to get through 40 verses in that time; hat’s only 5 verses a week.  Well………we only looked at 4 verses last time and this week there are just two, verses 5 and 6.  
There’s just too much good stuff to chew on here!

REVIEW: Psalm 37 is a Pastoral Psalm–King David is the author and He spent a lot of time out in the countryside.  
Do you remember my suggestion to go through the 40 verses FIRST and underline all the verbs?
Which ones did you find?  (You can look at the previous week’s post on my Bible Study tab, if you’d like.)

This Psalm is all about Dwelling–residing in one place, staying put–and even though we are in one place–resting? waiting?  (are you waiting for something?) we have some action words to look at.

verse 5 “Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him and he will do this,
6 He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
your vindication like the noonday sun.”

‘Commit your way to the Lord…
The Amplified Bible really brings this verse alive.  
“Roll and repose each care of your road on Him.”

“Roll and repose”. Although we may think of ‘repose’ as an “I’m chilling out and relaxing” kind of word, it actually means to ‘re-rest’ or ‘place back’.  Now doesn’t that make sense, to ‘place back’ our cares upon the mighty shoulders of our Sovereign God?

Charles Spurgeon mentions in his Treasury of David, this verse is rendered in the Latin,
‘Revela viam Domino’–“reveal thy way”.
Reveal your way to me God, your path.  I’m on this road–show me which way to go.

The idea of the ‘cares of our road’ is so descriptive.  We are on a pathway, sojourning together through this life in God’s kingdom here on earth.  

What does your path look like?

An uncertain mist ahead of you; the ground is clear, you can see where to walk, 
but you don’t know what’s at the end?

Or this?
Clear blue skies, the end in sight, bright light showing the way?

Whatever is on your road–you can commit (roll and repose) 
every care of your road on Him.

The next part of verse 5 says, “trust in Him….

‘Trust in the Amplified Bible is “lean on, rely on and be confident.”

YOUR TURN:  Take a minute to look up two other ‘trust in Him’ verses:

  • Psalm 118:6
  • I John 4:16

NOW, (in the Comments maybe?) share 3 of your favorite verses or 3 that you just found about trusting in the Lord. (And no fair quoting Proverbs 3:5,6–they’re powerful, yes, but share some other ones that have spoken powerfully to you.  Know what I mean?)

To finish the rest of verse 5, the rejoicing part–after we COMMIT, after we TRUST, it says, 
“….and He will do this.” (The ESV Bible says “he will act”).

Of course I wondered what the ‘this’ was that God would do.

v. 6 “He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication (‘the justice of your cause’ NIV) like the noonday sun.
In the Message Bible it says, “He’ll validate your life in the clear light of day.”

To validate means ‘to declare or make legally valid, to mark with an indication of official sanction.’

Spurgeon also comments on verse 6,
“And He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light” (read that in your best King James voice :-), “The more we fret in this case, the worse for us.  Our strength is to sit still.

Oh, that is so opposite of how we think!  ‘Sit still?’  ‘Do nothing?’ 
Right, sometimes God just says, ‘sit still’.  And you know how hard that can be….

THOT:  When we commit our cares to God, trusting in Him to act, God will stamp a “This one is mine” on us.  In other words, I am God’s–His light will reveal that fact to others as I let Him shine through me.
As I ‘roll and repose the cares of my road on Him’ people will see (yes, Jesus, make it so!) the peace and joy I have.  

As I trust in Him, He will bring justice where it needs to be in the causes of my life.  
Is someone slandering you at work?  Are there moms talking behind your back? Friends at church who think wrongly of you?  Nonbelievers who are holding your faith against you?

Dwell in the land, the pasture where you are.  Feed on God’s word.  Trust in Him.  Commit all your ways to him–keep rolling those cares onto Jesus.  

HE will validate your life in the clear light of day.
See you next week! 


8 thoughts on “Ps. 37 Week Two–Live off the Land

  1. Hmmmmm…..I THINK I know what you mean about the process of your book coming to fruition. It sounds like the balance between obedience and trust–doing something totally scary that you're confident God has called you to. Thank you for including me in your journey, Jen.


  2. I, too, appreciate the idea of rolling and reposing, and your take on it, Jodi: “keep rolling those cares onto Jesus.” Sometimes the same care resurfaces in my thinking, and I have to repeatedly turn it over to him.

    It's interesting that Kel Rohlf(above) and I chose the same favorite verse about trust, but in different chapters. Psalm 84:12 is very similar to 40:4. “Blessed is the man who trusts in You.” I quickly listed a number of benefits: peace, wisdom, love, joy, His presence, guidance, strength, purpose, and fulfillment. No doubt there are many more. By keeping this list uppermost in my mind, “rolling and reposing” should be much easier!


  3. Jody- I was struck by the joys that come for those who trust in the Lord! Ps 40:4

    4 Oh, the joys of those who trust the LORD . . .

    To list his miraculous deeds would seem too numerous, the Psalmist continues…but I want to list the joys of trusting…peace, no reason to fret or worry, hope, rescue from despair, sunshine on a wintry day, friends who love God's word and share definitions!

    I love how you dig into the meaning of phrases and individual words, serving up a rich banquet of the word…I like how we can roll back our cares upon God! He knows my path not only looks hazy in the distance, but sometimes there seems to be a fence blocking my way…is God inviting me to climb over or just stay where I'm at…as I continue the journey I know I can depend on Him to be my dwelling place and refuge wherever the path leads…

    The Lord is on our side! Hallelujah and thankfully we're in His pasture together! Until next week…Kel


  4. What captures my heart most right now with this portion of the Psalm is this: “trust in Him and he will do this.”

    For sure my path looks foggy at the end and some moments I'm hyperventilating because of this book writing thing. I know that I need Him to write just as much as I know I have to write it. Does that make sense?


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