For the Weekend–How Does He KNOW???

Moi, 18 mos. old (??) atop my parents’ car, Gardena, CA
The whole of this verse says,
“Upon you I have leaned from birth,
you are he who took me from my mother’s womb
My praise is continually of you.”
How could that be true?  How did God know me from birth?
I didn’t give my life to Jesus until I was 19 years old.
My mother passed away before I could ever ask her about my given name–Joanna.
Several years later I found it right there in the book of Luke–
Joanna was one of Jesus’ followers. (8:3)
Just like me.
She was at the tomb when he was resurrected (24:10)
Is there any greater joy?
I may not have been walking with Him but He knew I would be His
from my birth.
How gracious He is to take me from my mother’s womb and to make me His.
My praise is continually of Him.
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12 thoughts on “For the Weekend–How Does He KNOW???

  1. You just made me smile, Smile, and SMILE some more!! How beautiful a photo, “loverly” Word choice, and the glorious aspect of the two of us fitting right into it. Except you had an “a” and I had an “e”.

    Bless you, my dear one.


  2. I love your praising, appreciative, overwhelmed heart, Jody. As you express your wonder, I find my heart swelling with gratitude and awe for the way God has been with me all along the way. Thank you for expressing those emotions so beautifully.


  3. That pic must be you. The juxtaposed pictures (in post and sidebar) bear the same bright smile. 🙂

    I didn't start my walk with Christ till many years later than, but in looking (way) back in my childhood, I find mysterious beauty in the startling evidences of His working in my soul even then.

    Amazing, gracious God.


  4. “I may not have been walking with Him but He knew I would be His from my birth.”

    Yes! Your testimony is beautiful. How exciting it must have been when you discovered your name in Luke.

    Love the picture, too! I assume that's you? Adorable. 🙂


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