Nesting (not)

Ordinarily, since it’s Wednesday and all, we’d be chatting here for “2TWSquared”
Through the Word Through the Week.

But this is not an ordinary week.

I feel like a mama bird whose nest (like the one above, planted near our chimney a couple of years back) has been turned upside down and all the pieces of straw are flying through the air–I’m not sure where to land.

My house is in an uproar because we’re moving–well, we’re not going anywhere–we’re just moving…..into and out of an around every room in our house, so we can get new flooring.

Ay yi yi.

It’s stressing me out because I like to have a place to be where I can nest (don’t you?). My place has always been at my desk–with my books, and journals, and devotionals and paper…..and pens.  When I’m in my comfy chair facing my little wall of photos and scripture tacky things I’m just at peace.

Now my ‘office’ is in the dining room and I don’t know when things’ll be back to normal.


SO–no blog posts–at least on Psalm 37–for a bit….I’m not sure when/if I’ll get back to posting (tho’ Lord knows I have plenty to say).  I’m just otherwise preoccupied.

I’d appreciate your prayers.  God is good and He is faithful.
Bless you!

3 thoughts on “Nesting (not)

  1. Yep, life happens. Drives us nuts sometimes. But ain't no choice. Glad you're adjusting as needed … and might have finished it all by the time I'm catching up on reading… MY “tail” issues lately is a limited time to read my friends' God-jobs here. Moving along is all we can do…


  2. Jody- Upheaval is always disorienting for me. I feel your pain…it reminds me of a poem I read in the book “Writing to God” about routines being shaken up…the poems says “Shake off your routines like bedcovers/Plant your feet on the ground/for the journey” In you case your ground is shifting even in your own house…I will miss the Ps 37 feast, but understand…waiting for more will increase my appetite 🙂

    Praying for you to find your quiet spot in the midst of the chaos…Peace-Kel


  3. It sound rather like labor. A lot of work, no fun, painful … with a terrific ending.

    Hope it goes quickly.

    Sending love and prayers to your cluttered house.


    ps. Laughing at “scripture tacky things.”


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