For the Weekend–Anthem

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Fernando Ortega perform his worshipful, anointed music at a conference with Anne Graham Lotz. 
(Never heard of him?  Check it out here.)

There was a line in one of the songs we sang that had the word ‘anthem’ in it. 
That word has been coursing through my spirit for a couple of weeks.

I looked it up and found out (no surprise to many of you) it is from the Greek, ‘antiphon’–sounding in answer, a voice in return, a hymn of praise.’

All of creation was made to ‘answer back’ to the Creator; why? I wondered.  

Thanks to this book, I’ve been stitching together the minutes I can to take a Sabbath break and ask God-directed questions like, 

“Why do the branches of everything shoot skyward?  
Why do tree limbs head up and out?”
Why are the clouds stacked up-up-up as they scud across the blue?

Why indeed?  They are ‘answering back’ to their Creator. 

May we ever do the same.

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8 thoughts on “For the Weekend–Anthem

  1. Fernando Orgetga is one of my favorites. Have a few cds and just LOVE to listen to them when I'm traveling long stretches of time on the highways. My first song that hit me, back in Sept, '99, at a wedding reception was “Children of the Living God.” I was just buried in it. And then definitely learned more of him then. Good writing, singing, sharing, preaching, playing, worshiping. Very little “same as, same as”.

    Thanks, Jody.


  2. As always, Jody, I am blessed by your observations. I'm reminded of a passage in Isaiah: “Burst into song, you mountains, you forests and all your trees, for the Lord has redeemed Jacob, he displays his glory in Israel” (44:23). He displays his glory in and around us, too. I want to answer back loud and clear!


  3. What wonderful imagery of those trees answering back to their Creator. It's so fun to witness the way this book inspires your faith. Thanks for pointing me this way, glad I didn't miss it.


  4. anthem…answering back…awesome! I love what you shared about the trees branching out and answering back to the Lord. Yes, may we ever do the same! I am going to enjoy my weekend pondering on what you shared. 🙂


  5. What a beautiful word, “anthem”. I am always in awe of what God has created and how it answers back to Him–and thanks for sharing L.L.'s book. I have her “Rumors Of Water” but not that one. It is on my wish-list 😉 God bless you, friend. I am also a Sabbath sister.


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