For the Weekend–Jesus, our Sabbath

jacquemontii birch–our front yard

“Jesus was our Sabbath in action,
emptying himself to come here,
releasing his right to godhood.
He disciplined Himself to walk a path of deconstruction
to ultimately become
the cornerstone of a construction project
that continues to this day.”

LL Barkat, ‘Stone Crossings, Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places’

So much about this passage spoke to me:
Jesus as our Sabbath in action,
not just as an abstract idea, 

but walking out his calling.

He emptied himself to become full;
people thought was The Way to Do Things
and instead
built a kingdom not of this world.

Jesus is dismantling some old ways of thinking I’ve had about my walk with Him
and building something new in me.

What is Jesus deconstructing in you?
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13 thoughts on “For the Weekend–Jesus, our Sabbath

  1. Praise God that Jesus is our Sabbath rest, any day of the week. He will bear our burdens and bring us peace, if we yield to the Spirit instead of following the world's call to busyness.
    Thanks for the beautiful post, & God bless,


  2. Jody- I am paused by these two thoughts…Jesus was our Sabbath in action and what is He deconstructing in my life…As I think of Him as my Sabbath more and more he deconstructs my frantic frenzy of making my own life fulfilling and releasing and resting in His life with me.


  3. Nancy, thank you so much for sharing such beautiful heartfelt confessions here. Some of it made me say, 'ouch!' and 'oh, I've been there.”

    It is by His grace that God was glorified and you weren't buried–the enemy's favorite trick.

    I appreciate you.


  4. Reading what others said in their comments covers a lot of what I would have laid on me. It's obvious in my present-day life that something has changed/is changing, but not sure what it is, yet. Waiting for the Lord to let me know what direction to go, how to change. [BUT don't want to lose my blog friends and brothers/sisters, and not to take my trip out to the NW this July. After that? We'll see. BUT, no, don't want to lose you and many others. I'd really be filled with sadness over that.]

    AND I don't remember seeing that tree in your yard. Don't think it's in one of my photos. Might be, but certainly fit into your photo/post/thinking process.

    Thanks, Jody.


  5. I recently came through an emotionally painful deconstruction process. It was difficult, as I endured some uncomfortable cirumstances. But God was SO good along the way, providing encouragement and strength through family and friends, His Word, music, books, etc. Creation spoke loudly of His power, His engineering skills, and His love of beauty and order (when my life looked a bit ugly and disordered). I felt His presence more profoundly as He revealed Himself in unexpected places.

    Did I embrace my deconstruction? Not exactly! But I wasn't buried beneath it either. Without my Heavenly Father, I'm sure I would have been.


  6. What is He deconstructing? Hmmm… two things, one old and one new. Old–living on two planes, the earthly and the eternal, and finding their proper balance. New–realizing that He made Himself known to men before there were any Scriptures. Finding the God without words.


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