Sabbath on the Page #1

Outside on the deck the view unveils secrets–fir branches on the tree below jostle and sway, yet there is no wind.

Looking at the leaves in the shadow and sunlight
–top light
–bottom shadow
lightly floating like sky-dwelling jellyfish in an ocean of air.
Why do they move? 
Was that a squirrel doing a flying-branch landing?

I’ve never seen that before and certainly not from this vantage point.

Have things been going on like this all the time and I never saw it?

Hmmmm…..What is God doing that is unseen to me?

I’ve felt that ‘nothing is happening’ the way I want it too, anyway–in ministry, in outreach, in pouring out life to others.

God’s just quiet.

And I think, “Ahhhhh, He’s moving behind the scenes. There is plenty going on.  You just can’t see it. Yet. But you’re getting better at waiting….”

And I realize I’d never notice the dancing, light-filled leaves and the bending branches if I didn’t stop to rest.

They’re silently moving, like His Spirit.

More than I’ll ever know.
Isaiah 30:18
“Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you….
blessed are all those who wait for him.”

4 thoughts on “Sabbath on the Page #1

  1. I love this Jody, it speaks to me too. God is working behind the scenes, in the unseen mystery of our lives. It's quite exciting, not knowing and yet knowing He'll give us glimpses of the glory from time to time. We just have be alert and ready when he pulls back the veil.


  2. Beauty AND wisdom in your words, Jody. I can feel the tears wanting to spill as I take in your words, especially: “He's moving behind the scenes. There is plenty going on. You just can't see it. Yet. But you're getting better at waiting….” Why do I cry? God spoke to me through you, reminding me there is important work going on–through the waiting.


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