The Beauty of a Blank Page (Video Post)

It’s the first Monday of the month and ‘Across the Kitchen Table’ video blog posts are back for the Soli Deo Gloria sisterhood link up.

This week I’m talking about planners and daytimers, as if…….as if we can plan our days, when ultimately God our Heavenly Father is in charge of our time.

I’m posting here via YouTube (I hope. I think.) and must disclose this is a bit blurry…but you will get the idea.

May God bless you as you listen–six ish short minutes.

To listen and read and be nourished with words,
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13 thoughts on “The Beauty of a Blank Page (Video Post)

  1. Dear Jody, do you know that you OOZE grace?! Wait a minute. Ooze is NOT an attractive verb, and you ARE beautiful –your giving spirit, your strong faith, your humility and honesty–all visible in this delightful video. How about EXUDE? Yes. You exhibit conspicuously an effortless charm–a by-product of your submission to God. You are an inspiration to us all!


  2. I am so glad ATKT got a hot pink sticky note!! Love it! I'm not very good at letting my own agenda go. But God is showing me that if I don't let it go, I will become very crabby and drive my family absolutely crazy. So, I'm taking the “Day planner…as if” to heart.


  3. Jean, thanks for your kind comments. It's easy to do, really, and we would all love to know you–I think it makes a difference when we see and hear someone.

    So glad my little snippet of sharing may have put your mind at ease about your own schedule and projects. God has his ways of speaking to us all–I just wanna be a good listener.


  4. Jody, what fun to see and hear you. You are brave. I have not tried this yet and you made me more at ease to attempt this someday. You also made me feel better about all the projects I have going on now too. I am a calendar. organized gal too so love seeing how you organized and created your own day timer. I don't think you are organized: you have found your own way and sounds like you listen to God: Anyway great job and fun to see you!


  5. Thank you, Karin. I need to remind myself to stop in the middle of my days as well and times ask, “Jesus, is this what I'm supposed to be doing right now?” and He usually makes it clear. What a gracious God.


  6. Yay for getting to see you and hear your voice! I have undone summer projects this year, too! I wanted to get my dinged up kitchen cabinets sanded and repainted while the weather is good. Oh, well!


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