On Starbuck’s Time

Ten minutes before two in the afternoon, I’m sitting at my desk with a sigh of, “Ahhhhh…,” hands folded in prayer.  I am in my happy place.

My heart is full, my spirit content and the words of praise only God understands pour from my lips.

It is so good to have this me-and-God time. His presence is sweet—I savor it like the first sip of good strong coffee, satisfying, rich, deep—and totally worth the wait. 

I was ‘supposed’ to be here bright and early in the morning, but you know what they say about the best laid plans….
It was the first Monday of summer vacation. The night before I had determined, “I will start things off right.”

I jotted down notes—my days would look like this:
7:00 ish    Get up
7:30         Prayer, journal, God’s Word time (and a cup of coffee!)
8:00 ish    Go for a Walk
8:30         Write. Every day.
10:00       Attend to the rest of the day

This pattern would not only get me closer to Jesus, but would make a better writer, guaranteed.

Unless I overslept on this First Monday.

To find out what Jesus taught me about quiet time ‘rules’, will you visit me over at {in}courage today? 
I have the privilege of guest posting there. 
I’d love to hear from you in the Comments.

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