Giving Thanks in All Things

“Believe He is faithful, not because you feel it, or see it,
but because He says He is. 
Believe it, whether you feel it or not. 
Believe it, even when it seems to you that you are
believing something that is absolutely untrue.
Believe it actively.
Believe it persistently.
Cultivate a continuous habit of believing and
never let your faith waver for any “seeming”, however plausible it may be.”
Hannah Whitall Smith,
The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life
Philippians 4:12 “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation….”
Leaning like a tree on his grace for the future.
It’s been an interesting week……..I can’t wait to see what God’s up to.

10 thoughts on “Giving Thanks in All Things

  1. That's a great quote. My husband is constantly saying, “Claim truth”, and I used to wonder what he meant exactly, but remembering and believing that God is faithful is a great truth to claim!


  2. I keep thinking of the verse, 'let God be true and every man a liar.' I've been battered about by some very strong emotions the last week–so glad I have an anchor in God's Word.
    Thanks for stopping by, Lisa.


  3. Hi Jody, You left such a lovely comment on my blog, after you visited from Jennifer Dukes Lee's page (Like Corn in the Night) and then I accidentally deleted it! Sorry about that. Yes, prayers for you as you are led through changes and darkness into new light. Thanks for stopping by! Kelly


  4. Jody – So good “seeing you” at UNITE! Hope all is well! So good seeing your sweet face too! We have to catch up!
    And oh yes, so thankful that truth faith is not flighty, roller-coaster(ish) or susceptible to our wild emotions. True faith is more like concrete…unshaken when the storms of life present themselves. Take Care & blessings abundant, friend! ~ Jen


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