Ad Vent

NYC Snow, William Johnson

The glossy pages
proclaim paltry purchases
as life savers
for my overrun soul.
They bellow, beckoning,
“buy me! buy me!”

I cannot partake
of one more iota of input–
how can quiet paper
carry so much loud weight
and end up selling me 

that will fill my weary,
worn and wanting soul?

A war of words promises joy and happiness
are but a wallet-full away;
I’d have a temporary ticket
to here-on-earth happiness 
but I’d be penniless and
empty still.
There are bare bodies
bearing needless gifts,
overbearing bling shimmers an

iridescent faux shine. 

There is no real light
but that in the Stable
under the Star–
far, far from here–
heralding his coming
harking me home to hear,
“Stay here–away,
waiting, listening, watching
for my coming in the
daily, dull, down-to-earth.
Look no further,
leave the getting,
I’m the only Gift you’ll ever need.”
Linking with Laura,  and the lovely gang at Soli Deo Gloria.

9 thoughts on “Ad Vent

  1. Hi Jody
    This is so true!! It is sad how Christmas has been commercialized. It is amazing how the advertisers manipulate your feeling, like if you love your wife, you will buy her this or that or the other and vice versa. The same with our children. Let the true Light shines brighter in our hearts than all the Christmas lights out together!
    Blessings XX


  2. Your poetry always touches my heart, Jody. “Waiting, listening, and watching.” Those are the Christmas activities I want to embrace! Thank you quieting the hustle with your words.


  3. Hi Jody Lee! You have a very good perspective on the season. I really do love the Christmas lights in the dark, and all the rituals. But they do have to point back to Jesus. I don't suppose a cashmere sweater really does that…
    Better to follow the Star and find the greatest love of all.
    Beautiful post!


  4. “There is no real light
    but that in the Stable
    under the Star–
    far, far from here–
    heralding his coming
    harking me home to hear..”

    Beautiful, Jody. Tis the season, no? I'm going to try to avoid that empty beckon and follow the Light.


  5. ahhh, Elizabeth, I think we're hearing the same voice of the Spirit. I'm sensing almost a vigilance this year in resisting the false joy this world is selling–just say 'no', and say yes to Jesus. 🙂


  6. My email inbox was full of stores urging me to come in now for the last chance to get some once in a lifetime deal…it made me feel like hyperventilating! Instead, I've quietly puttered around the house the last two days and today spent the afternoon with some Advent reading…lovely!


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