It’s Poetry at Work Day–Are you? Will you?

How will you celebrate Poetry at Work day?

Can you find it in a well-timed phrase, the poetry in a child’s words?  the pieced together rhythm of your day? 

Look.  Listen. Write it down, maybe?
Poetry is everywhere.

(I’ll no doubt be in a classroom somewhere, probably not writing poetry, but listening for poetry, or just being a poem.)

Potential works of art,
Molded by God, 
thrown on the wheel,
mud at His mercy
to be shaped and used as He wills.

Fired in His kiln, revealing the cracks,
Refining our features.
Empty  vessels, He fills us,
to be poured out to others or filled
with His love,
leaking through the clay, 
cracked and repaired, we speak of hope
and second chances.

As poems, 
we are His words to others,
lives lived out
virtual pens in hand,
speaking truth, giving praise, giving voice
to our pains and our past.
Rhyme and rhythm, often free verse
speaking in tones that fit the time,
invisible language, landing on the ears
of those who will hear–
no two messages alike.

We are varied.
Very beautiful.

What will YOU do or be or write today?  
‘Poetry at Work’ Day – January 14, 2014
brought to you by the folks at Tweetspeak Poetry–“a community of writers, poets, readers, artists, photographers, etc. who live to “play, learn and grow” 
and are committed to helping people become who they really are.”

4 thoughts on “It’s Poetry at Work Day–Are you? Will you?

  1. Nancy, I originally was going to call this post 'Poema' but thought the Greek might throw some people off. Hmmmmmmmmm…..
    I sure appreciate your comments–you have been such an encouragement and support.


  2. You are so right, Jody. We ARE poetry. Paul says in Ephesians 2:10 that we are God's workmanship, his works of art. According to a note in my Bible, that word, “workmanship,” in Greek is actually “poema,” from which we get our English word, “poem.” God has made us to be heavenly poetry on this earth–beautiful, gracious, and touching the hearts of others. Beautiful in character, gracious in attitude, and ministering to those around us. Such a privilege!


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