Words with Friends or, ‘How Messaging Saved Our Lives’

I wrote in this space a few weeks ago about my precious daughter and the complications she was having with her first pregnancy.  After many hard weeks and doctor visits, specialists weighing in with good news and bad, Jesus saw fit to take the baby boy home.  Thursday we have a service to remember his 19 week old life.

They have asked me to help sing, “All Through the Night” a lullaby she and her husband heard at Christmas time.  It is a gift and honor to do so. (Pray I’ll make it through.)

The outpouring of support and care and comments from Leah’s friends across the country have been a balm to her soul. Facebook messages, texts, emails, phone calls–the words have come in various ways, always prompting new tears, but bringing more healing along the way.

The card pictured above was one of those messages.

It will be days, months, maybe years, to process what God has done and to see the fruits from the passing of this small seed.
New life is coming, even from this death, and there will be more to write.
Leah has her own story to tell, but I will share some of the precious words she said to me,
“Mom, we will never be the same.  He taught us so much.”

His name was Garrison Isaac.

You know ‘Isaac’ means ‘laughter’–and he is–laughing, I know.  With Jesus.
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22 thoughts on “Words with Friends or, ‘How Messaging Saved Our Lives’

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I know the pain of watching your child grieve this kind of loss and it was the hardest thing I've ever done, watching my daughter grieve like this. I hope the memorial was a time of healing for all of you.


  2. I am so sorry for this heart-breaking loss to your family. I will pray for you all; for a blessing filled funeral and solace in the days, moths and years to come.



  3. Jody, as a newly fledged grandma myself, I am feeling and sharing your tears and pain at this sad loss. What a beautiful and apt name for a dear little soul who is spending time with Jesus right now. May God bring the healing you all need and fruit to grow strong from this precious seed.


  4. Oh, Jody. This is so beautifully written, filled with both sadness and grace. Thank you, thank you. And thanks for linking this, my friend. Your tears — all your tears — are so welcome here.


  5. Oh, this makes me so sad to hear. 😦 I am so sorry for your loss of little Garrison Isaac to live his life here with you and your family. I will be praying for Leah and all of you. Having lost my middle daughter Kali after she lived only an hour, I know this pain is real and intense and sticks around. I also know the Lord will see you all through, but it's still difficult days. Love you, Jody.


  6. My heart aches for you and your family, Jody. But my spirit rejoices in your strong faith that is seeking to process what God has done and is looking for the fruit from Garrison's passing. You are showing us the way to grieve! Thank you for your example, and your beautiful, expressive words.


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