My life in Plant Years–a Photo Essay

Back in the 70’s when the only plants I could afford were spider plants and coleus, my friend Karen and I tended potfuls of those lovelies.  We were poor (who wasn’t?) and the plants were plenteous, thanks to cuttings in the jars on our sunny California windowsills.
We also grew other things–our sons, born six weeks apart in New Orleans, LA, way back in the Jesus Movement days. We have truly been forever friends all across the years (I wrote about that here.)
Our ‘kids’ are now 36 years old with children of their own, and although Karen’s lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, for over 30 years, her son Wesley, in a move only God could make, lives just 35 minutes away from me. 
Since Karen has to come visit at least once a year (lucky me!) last week (after we went out for coffee, being near Seattle and all) we visited the Seymour Botanical Conservatory at Wright Park in Tacoma.
Here’s a little taste of all that plant beauty, colorful, lush and rich–like our friendship.
There is no greater treasure.
It’s warm AND beautiful inside…
Orchids were everywhere

See what I mean?


And of course a koi pond

Another delicate orchid

I believe this is a ‘hoya’ plant…

And a close up
One of hundreds of oxalis
Linking with the Soli Deo Sisters
Finding Heaven
and Laura Boggess, who encourages everyone to make a Playdate with God
Ours was grand!

6 thoughts on “My life in Plant Years–a Photo Essay

  1. I love your garden pics and the story of a lifelong friendship! Your garden has orchids, too…our koi pond doesn't open until April…I love watching the koi…your long distance virtual, heaven bound friend! Kel


  2. Hi Jody,
    Linked up behind you at SDG…what a lovely place to visit and to be able to do so with a long time friend is an even bigger gift…Thanks for sharing the photos…always love flowers 🙂


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