Smashed to Pieces

I’ve just finished reading Jennifer Dukes Lee’s new book “Love Idol”** and am becoming more aware each day of how I fashion my own not-gods out of man made materials.
Last week I wrote and published (for less than 24 hours) a post about World Vision’s decision regarding same sex hiring practices.  I wanted to add my voice to the many out there who Had Something to Say. I also wanted to be just like those people. And I’m not.
I deleted my post, retrieved my Tweets (kind of like picking up birdseed–ever tried that?) and came back and wrote this instead.

How odd (interesting?)
that we who are broken 
try to re-member our lives,
put together the pieces
by ourselves,
grab the glue and get to work
fashioning our vessels
with bits marked “Not You”
to become a container 
of our own making.
We forget there is a Master Potter,
the only Bonding Agent we’ll ever need
 who alone
knows the beauty that belongs to us
(because He fashioned us himself)
awaiting His hand to place
our broken glory into a bright gift
of His making.
Linking with Jennifer Ferguson and the Soli Deo Gloria sisters.
Finding Heaven
** Jennifer’s book “Love Idol” is available through online sources by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “Smashed to Pieces

  1. Jody- So besides loving the poem and your vulnerability…I love the photo of broken pottery…it's amazing how God provides just the right words, photos and life experiences to use in your posts to encourage us!


  2. thanks for reading, Jen. The theme for our Women's Retreat this year is “Beauty from Brokenness” and I thought of you. The smashed plates in the picture are parts of some old pottery we're going to use to make a mosaic and I thought of your project last year. (That was part of the inspiration.)


  3. This reminds me of the restoration retreat — how differently our lives are pieced back together from brokenness when He is in charge of arranging the pieces, when He is the glue, the Master designer…


  4. I love everything about this post. Your poem speaks to me.. so many “bits marked 'Not You'…” in my homemade vessel.
    And this: “try to re-member our lives” — a vivid play on words that will stay with me.
    Love you!


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