The one where I get REAL (and show you LOTS of pictures)

“In the morning sow your seed, and in the evening withhold not your hand; 
for you know not which shall prosper, 
this or that, or whether both alike will be good.”  Eccl. 4:6 Amplified

I am at the end of my Sunday rope.  Well, not like emotionally I wanna-freak-out end of my rope, or spiritually or mentally (well, perhaps my husband would disagree).  I’m just bloodshot-eyes, brain-tired, exhausted from a back to back ‘Mission Impossible’-ish trip to help our kids move house last weekend bookended with visits from relatives…

Last SATURDAY through Tuesday

Boxes. Can you say, ‘Boxes’?

I didn’t actually help MOVE much, I just babysat 3 out of 5 grandkids

Although we DID have to sleep on the floor (why can’t I find THAT picture?!)
and make toast on the stove.  You should try it.
There was a joyous interruption–we got to go to church on Easter Sunday with my son and his family.  Nothing better this side of Heaven.
        This is the foyer of their church–they call it the “Family Room”

We went to Applebee’s for lunch afterwards (the sun was VERY bright)

TUESDAY night we arrive home. I sit down for an hour then drive to Worship Practice.

WEDNESDAY – Joy! A lunch date with my friend.

 Kimberlee Conway Ireton,  mother of four and author of 
a very FUNNY, God-honoring book, ‘Cracking Up’

THURSDAY I got to recuperate (sort of) 
FRIDAY I taught school and went to an early movie (yay!)
SATURDAY morning, up bright and early to go to a friend’s house and work on a project for our Women’s Retreat.

We smashed a bunch of dishes to use the pieces for a “Beauty out of Brokenness” mosaic

It was actually very therapeutic

SATURDAY afternoon/evening, race home from the ‘therapy’, plant some flowers, change clothes, meet my daughter for dinner along with my visiting nephew……….. 

Happy Birthday, Todd!

SUNDAY wake up (early) to bake Savory Biscuits for the Women’s Bake Sale, fly home…….turn around, go to lunch with visiting nephew (we have a LOT of leftovers).

Todd and Grandma (generous benefactor of lunch)

Finish lunch, enjoy a lovely drive home from Seattle…..say good bye to nephew, take a nap and get up to write something. And really, I have a MILLION notes and thoughts in my head, but like I said, my brain is well, toast. So I decide on this post instead.

Besides, ‘Call the Midwife’ is on.

Smile….(Come back next week?)

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10 thoughts on “The one where I get REAL (and show you LOTS of pictures)

  1. I love seeing all these photos to, Jody. Especially your smiling face. And how fun to have lunch with Kimberlee! I so want to see the mosaics you made. And I hope you get some much deserved rest, my friend. Loving can be tiring sometimes 🙂


  2. Life! Jumping in feet first! We are blessed when we are a blessing! Bet you had a blessed week!
    And I would like to know more about smashing plates…..often thought of this myself… and what and what will be?


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