Abiding (Still)

Jesus said, “I am the Door” and beckoned us to walk through.
Once inside He urges us to dwell there where He is.

I’m clinging friends, 
along with John 15,
where the pastor has been dwelling
and telling
and spelling 
out the truth that
Paul prayed for us
‘that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith.’
I read in the commentary
(thank you, Mr. Barclay)
that when Paul reminds us
Christs wants to 
take up permanent residence in us.

“The word he uses for Christ dwelling in our hearts 
is the Greek ‘katoikein’,
the word used for permanent,
as opposed to temporary,

So I open the door 
and welcome Him in
again, still, always
and make it clear
this is permanent,
as in forever.

Lyli for Thought Provoking Thursday
and Missional Women

6 thoughts on “Abiding (Still)

  1. How incredible that Jesus wants to take up permanent residence within me. Thank you for this lovely reminder, Jody. I'm thinking: Although His sweet presence would be enough, Jesus doesn't come empty-handed. He brings gifts, too!


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