Playdates with God–Seattle Sojourn

My friend Laura Boggess, who blogs at The Wellspring, 
has instituted a weekly visit on Mondays
called ‘Playdates with God’.  They can often be to someplace special, or maybe they’re visits to places in your own backyard.  
Mine came after a visit to the doctor in Seattle with my husband.
We made the best of it AND headed to Pike Place MarketPlaydate!
Sooooooooo, the tour bus broke down at the foot of 
the street at the end of Pike Place Market
The tourists were blessed with a lovely shady tree 
(directly behind me–you’ll have to imagine it 🙂

Husband and I ate at a deli and took window seats to watch the crowds across the old brick streets as they perused the handmade goods. 
(We bought nothing–prices have REALLY gone up.)

The original Starbuck’s, ca. 1971
(with a stand up bass player and mandolin)
still very cool.

Le Panier bakery case–the first place I visited after getting a latte
at the Starbuck’s, waaaaaay back in 1984.  
Bought a brioche and sat on the curb to people watch.
Best pastries EVER.

In case you needed proof

Bucket o’ dahlias

the NOT pricey flowers–still $5.00 and $10.00

Waterfront view with the new ferris wheel

interesting columns in the Market



the settings on my camera…up close with the flowers
in the Market

I’m beginning to notice architecture-ish stuff more–
all those lines and geometry

well, of course there are people at Pike Place Market
the regular kind
and the pretend kind.  “I’m fine, how are you?”
No shortage of opinions in Seattle
Last view, across Victor Steinbreuck Park,
the totem pole and out to Puget Sound.
The end of a blessed day!
Linking with Laura

5 thoughts on “Playdates with God–Seattle Sojourn

  1. Ooooh – I love it there! (Rarely buy anything either – other than those flowers of course!) What a fun place to play… and how much do I love the whole concept of scheduling a playdate with God? Oh so much!!! We haven't been out that way all year… haven't even been down to the waterfront with the new ferris wheel! This has reminded me that we need to plan a trip that way soon! ❤


  2. What a delight to see images of places I have visited! And you sense of humor, Jody, is the whipped cream on top of that delight! Thank you for the memories, the smiles, and the example of a very blessed day, because God was invited to join you.


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