Book Report

All the books that I am reading
All the books that I have read
Make me feel my brain is bleeding
Surely ‘twill explode my head.

Now here, now there, now everywhere
On floors, on desks and tables.
In baskets, piles, in drawers and files
I’ve stacked as I am able.

I love to write, I write a lot
It helps me think more clearly.
But clearly writers read a lot
I love these books most dearly.
This is a repost from the archives by way of enticing you to come over HERE to my other site today, ‘another facet’, which is nothing but poetry. (What? you didn’t know I had another blog, did you?)

Today’s post is inspiring and I hope will make those of you who are poem-phobic change your mind.
I’m ‘interviewing’ my friend Tania Runyan, author of 3 of the books in the above bookstack,“A Thousand Vessels”–poems based on the lives of 10 women in the Bible
“Second Sky”–poems prompted by Paul’s Epistles
and the excellent poetry teaching resource,“How to Read a Poem”–demystifying poetry for young and old alike.

2 thoughts on “Book Report

  1. In my early blogging days I wrote a lot more poetry. Perhaps it's time to revisit that. Love your poem and I have a stack of books on my nightstand and another on my desk that are calling to me!


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