Coming Clean

Can we talk?

I’m a little nervous. When I set out to write in this little space in the blogosphere I was committed to my blog’s tagline–shining, reflecting and revealing God–Three Way Light.

But I have a post I wrote for another Christian publication online that’s running this week….
and well, when you see the other stories they feature, you might wonder about that–my shining for Jesus and all.

About six months after I started blogging, I heard the Holy Spirit say the word ‘Connect’, as in CONNECT with other people, to build bridges into and across communities. 

By communities, I mean people of different interests, different ages, different focus, but all of them people who claimed to be following Jesus the best they know how.

And I’ve learned something.

Not everyone is the same shade of saved that I am.

The world of evangelical Christianity that I’ve grown up with for the last 40 years is changing.

More precisely–the world has changed.  

People’s interests, backgrounds, life journeys–they’re a far cry from the way things ‘used to be.’

Used to be people were hungry for a Saviour because they knew they were lost.  Used to be when you said the name of Jesus or mentioned church (at least in my Protestant world) people were on the same page.

But the face of faith is changing.

I’m not talking about compromising the Word of God.  Because I won’t.

But I’ve sure had to adjust my ideas about the ways Jesus might reach people and who he might talk to, which is really nothing new, if I checked the Gospels right. Or the Psalms. We are all broken people in constant need of a Saviour.

So, for now I’m trusting God that this is an open door, an opportunity to speak the shade of truth that I know into the lives of people I’m just beginning to know, in Jesus’ name.

That’s a good thing.
Actually, I think it’s a God thing.

Cory Copeland, founder and editor of Bedlam Magazine (‘where faith and culture crash’) kindly accepted a piece I wrote about marriage and the ‘S’ word–Submission, a subject on which I am no expert.  For marriage, as my friend Judy H. likes to say, is a ‘job of work.’ You can click HERE if you’d like to read it.
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6 thoughts on “Coming Clean

  1. “We are all broken people in constant need of a Savior.” Such an important fact to keep in mind, as we meet people who don't see certain issues in the same light we do. But it also reminds me to keep in mind: I'm not a source of all truth or an example of perfect obedience either! Grace must be my guiding principle with others; constant connection to my Savior must be the goal for myself. Thank you, Jody, for a thought-provoking post!


  2. I think we learn this as we mature in the faith and meet many different kinds of people. The world is diverse, God made it diverse, why wouldn't his children be?


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