Spring’s Verb Says-a Poem (#small wonder link up)

Fireworks have nothing on me,
no man-made show can match
this explosive display.
Shocking green here,
shouting magenta there,
showy white front and center.

No gunpowder could blow
breezes like this 
to bristle trees,
to “whoosh” the wind
across the skies,
no factory fierce enough
to produce this bright beauty.

Spring’s verb says 
the growing will never stop,
but will flow from a fire 
deep in the dark,
shoved to the surface,
erupting when you’re not looking.

Spring’s verb comes from nowhere
but Godwhere.

Spring’s verb says ‘get ready.’

This poem was prompted by the first line in a poetry book, ‘Mischief Cafe’, 
and the sound of this Easter song in my head.
linking with Kelly C. and The Small Wonder Community.

12 thoughts on “Spring’s Verb Says-a Poem (#small wonder link up)

  1. That line, “Erupting when you're not looking” caught my attention. My first thought was, “No! I don't want that to happen! I want to savor each sign of spring!” Thank you for heightening my awareness, Jody–to appreciate the explosiveness of Spring's display, to revel in breezes that bristle the trees, to marvel anew at the miracle of life rising up from that which appeared dead. Divine poetry, my friend!


  2. This idea of the growing that never stops, even when it's hidden in winter to erupt in season… you have me pondering that. And it's true… sometimes spring rushes in unseen until one day I step outside, and the signs are all around me.


  3. What a beautiful poem and picture! Spring has kinda sprung here in the Midwest…mother nature hasn't quite made up her mind. 🙂 I love the last line…”Spring's verb says 'get ready.'” I'm ready…ready for the rebirth that comes with a new season. Blessings, Jody.


  4. Kelly, I was just thinking this morning that I may be changing mind about my favorite season–choosing Winter instead of Fall or Summer. There's something about the bare bones of it all, the branches and limbs stark against the sky, unadorned with all that 'fluff'. The older I get the more I like simplicity, I think. Still pondering that.
    And Spring? Yes, it's a promise and it will come.
    May God bring new life in you and for you as you bask in His presence. I appreciate you, friend.


  5. I'm a little slow to welcome spring this year – cautious, I suppose. But I planted bulbs today and soaked in some sun. I'm not eager this year, but it will come, ready or not, and I will try to embrace each moment. I'm grateful for your presence in the #SmallWonder community, Jody.


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