Just Because #17

This is part of a (very)sporadic series of Scripture pairings with pictures. (You can see the others here. ) These verses spoke loudly to me as I am slowly meditating on Andrew Murray’s ‘Abiding in Christ’, and thinking about the recent terrible floods in Texas, where family, who are safe (thank God) have seen their world around them uprooted in very real ways…

“As you have therefore received the Christ, Jesus the Lord, 
(so) walk -regulate your lives and conduct yourselves-
in union and conformity to Him.
Have the roots (of your being) firmly and deeply planted (in Him)- 
fixed and founded on Him-being continually built up in Him, 
becoming increasingly more confirmed and established in the faith, 
just as you were taught, 
and abounding and overflowing in it with thanksgiving.”   Col. 2:6,7 Ampl.

2 thoughts on “Just Because #17

  1. thank you, Kat. It's my husband's cousin….their house and their persons are okay….but she's been serving in a volunteer shelter since Monday. It's pretty horrendous.

    So many things in our lives that cause us to dig those roots down deep, huh?


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