My Favorite Things {Vol Three}

‘My Favorite Things’–a sporadic gathering of posts you may have missed because they’re buried in The Middle Pages. You know what I mean, eight pages into the ‘A’ Section of the paper you find a story you think belongs on the Front Page.  “Why is that buried there? I almost missed it!”   Here are few thoughtful gleanings from the virtual pages of the interwebs. 

1. ON CALLING–Chara Donahue for Faith & Culture Blog

For long before I chose to call myself a writer my God fashioned me a scribe. Would I dare tell the God of the universe, “You can have my hands but not my pen?”
When God reminds you you’re a Writer

2. ON THE COLOR DIVIDE–Romal Tune with Fr. Richard Rohr

White privilege is largely hidden from our eyes if we are white. Why? Because it is structural instead of psychological, and we tend to interpret most things in personal, individual, and psychological ways.”
 “The Power of White Privilege

3.ON BOOKS–Jill Reid for Relief Journal

“It’s important to pay homage to the often unsung writers who grabbed hold of us in the really formative years, the years where the concrete of  bones and brains were just beginning to set, and one good sentence pressed in the soft plaster would leave its mark forever.”
 “Bookmarkings” and the power of LM Montgomery

4. ON BLOGGING–by Rebecca Reynolds at Thistle and Toad
“We can easily associate worth and identity with these digital signs of approval. And now that bloggers can made tens of thousands of dollars a year simply by collecting readers, keeping a public diary has become a legit job as well as a hobby.”
 “Why it’s kind of okay if Nobody Reads Your Blog”   

5.  ON WRITING–Beth Moore at Living Proof Ministries
“You have to factor in more than writing time. Decent writing requires much more time than it takes to actually type the sentences. Decent writing requires thinking and spinning and mulling and living and watching and listening and experiencing and reaching. These bring the strokes to the page that turn the transfer of information into true connection.”
“To New Writers With Love”  (a very long read but worth every word.)

photo–shadows from the lampshade in our room. j.l.c.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things {Vol Three}

  1. The quote from Rebecca Reynolds' blog piqued my interest, and I clicked on over to read the entire post. Wise words indeed, especially including bullet point #5. I tried to leave a comment, thanking her for the reality-perspective (of lower readership), but the site told me my email address was invalid. (How can that be? I checked the spelling; no error there. Strange!) Anyway, I appreciate these quotes and recommendations!


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