Six Places to Pitch those Awesome Pieces of Writing

I’m a writer. I process the world through words.
Some people sculpt, some draw, some paint pictures of what’s inside their heads….
I write stories.

Not made up stories, but narrative let-me-tell-you-about-my-life kinda stories.
And often there are two or three of them swimming about in my brain at the same time in the same week.
And they overlap. Then they disappear.
Like tonight, when I finished watching The Republican Debate. Because, people, let’s face it–he who had ears to hear any part of that Comedy in Ten Acts has potentially lost every last brain cell they possessed.
Or maybe that’s just me. All coherent thoughts sucked right outta my head. Just.too.much.craziness. 

So–instead of writing a thoughtful or inspiring piece in this space, I bring you by way of a Public Service Announcement a list of places that you may want to send some of YOUR writing to (if your lovely writing words, should you have them, are overflowing).

1. Makes You Mom is curated by Laura Lynn Brown and features all kinds of writing about Mom things. 

From the Website:  “All of us struggle from time to time. But most of us are stronger and, as Pooh says, “smarter than we think.”
We also–if we remember it–have deep inner lives and dreams and ways of wanting to be in the world, that may or may not intersect with our motherhood in a fashion we can articulate.
What makes you mom?
What do you, as a mom (and more) …like to make?
That’s what is all about.”

Makes You Mom is not a paying site–but your work will be out there for the world to see.
They are currently taking submissions (yippee!) What are they looking for?

“We want thoughtful writing about motherhood, either your own or your mom’s (or even your grandmom’s). We like distinctive voices. We like to laugh (though in moderation as part of a balanced reading diet). We like to be surprised, and to be invited to think. We like these things because our readers do, too. 
Here are the details for submitting work to Makes You Mom.                                                                                                                                                                                  

2.  Mudroom Blog–“Making Room in the Mess”–curated by Tammy Perlmutter. Tammy lives with her husband and daughter in community at Jesus People USA in Chicago. She has gathered a very diverse group of women writers around her and welcomes submissions from readers. Here are the themes for upcoming subjects (the deadline for each post is the 21st of the month preceding):

Here are all the details about writing for the Mudroom.                                                     
(I mentioned six places to send your writing, didn’t I? There will be four more mentioned sometime soon. I promise. After I recover from Media Saturation Complex and my brain cells return).

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