Four Places to Send Your Awesome Writing

Greenlake Arch, Seattle

Several weeks ago I wrote the first part of this post ‘Six Places to Send Your Awesome Writing.’ I only got through the first two. If your words are overflowing–you know, with essays, poems or stories–and you’re looking for a place to share them, here are some ideas:

1.  Kel Rohlf at Soul Pantry~Kel and I started blogging about the same time and connected over our love of words way back when. Over time her blog has evolved around art AND words, where she welcomes other bloggers on Thursdays. (I will have a piece there about that wonderful part of speech–conjunctions, those ‘but Gods’ and ‘so thats’ in the Scripture.)
Here’s the link to Kel’s site. Her contact info is there as well if you’d like to connect about guest posting.

2.  Relevant (online) Magazine--this is a daunting addition to my little list. Relevant is a huge online and print presence in the world of Christian journalism, but I’ll include the link here for their site and the submission how-to’s if you’re feeling brave and awesome.
(I sent a query suggestion to them and never heard back from them….perhaps I’ll try again. If you’re interested in writing on any topic related to faith, Relevant is the place.)
3. Windhover-a Journal of Christian Literature~Windhover’s submission period is Feb 1st through August 1st. What’re they looking for? So glad you asked– 

From their website:

“The journal is dedicated to promoting poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction that considers Christian perspectives and engages spiritual themes. Each spring the journal hosts a writers’ festival, inviting their published authors and interested readers to come to campus for a weekend of workshops and presentations on the connection between faith and the arts.”

Journal information and submission process is here.

4.  Chara Donohue curates a space on the web for women to share their struggles and encourage one another. Chara and I met at the Faith & Culture Writer’s Conference in Portland last year and have been cheerleading for each other ever since.
Chara’s vision for a place for hope on the web is called “Anchored Voices”. From their “About” page: 
“We want to hear from you: to hear the voices of other women; to hear how God helped you through a struggle; breathed life through His Word; and helps you today as you walk through daily life.  Young, old, out in the workforce, at home with kids, single, or married, every age and stage of life is welcome to the table.” 
Their list of submission themes for Anchored Voices is here


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