How We Love the People Who Love our Children

Looking back on the day I accompanied my daughter and son in law to a local funeral home it’s hard to say why my nerves weren’t like a sprung watch, coming apart in pieces. Two days had passed since the 11 pm call the night my daughter miscarried and I was still being held by invisible hands.  Looking back on the mundane mechanics of phone calls, memorial planning and reception prep that followed, I am amazed still at the peace which prevailed. 

After receiving the news that dark January night we began a walk through time where days washed into each other.
When my daughter lost her son, Garrison Isaac, at 5 months she began a journey of heart-healing that continues to this day. I am so thankful for the people who have helped her along the way.
What carries any of us through the darkest times we face with our children?  Especially if they are adult children?  It is a different role, this parenting a child who is now a grown-up.  The ache is still there when their hearts are shattered, but the hands that hold them now are very often not our own.
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