My Favorite Things {Vol. 5}

Eastern Washington, from Highway 90
‘My Favorite Things’–a sporadic gathering of posts you may have missed because they’re buried in The Middle Pages. You know what I mean, eight pages into the ‘A’ Section of the paper you find a story you think belongs on the Front Page.  “Why is that buried there? I almost missed it!”   Here are few thoughtful gleanings from the virtual pages of the interwebs. 

1. Laura Boggs at “Food Loves Writing” blog 

“So even having been involved in the blog world for around ten years, I can’t keep up with it. I don’t get a lot of it. It’s changed and changing so much. And even though I’ve been tuned in, have tried to keep up, have generally wanted to see and notice how and why the Internet changes—along the way, I think I forgot to ask harder questions, like, how the Internet might be changing me.”   

2. Christy Tennant Krispin at her blog, “Coffee Stains on my Bible” writes about our ‘microwave society’

“Take this pill and lose weight. Take this pill and gain muscle mass. Have this surgery and get the body you want. Take this one-day seminar and learn everything it’s taken me a lifetime to discover. Pray this prayer and the demons will be gone.”

Read the rest HERE.

3. Rebecca Reynolds who writes at “Thistle and Toad” on why it’s okay if your work isn’t going viral~
“Oh, wasteful creators. You who get up and do those silly works of good that go unreported… You who burst your alabaster jars in quiet rooms in quiet towns… You hand-stitchers, you scrawlers of pretty capital letters, you painters of second-hand furniture… You who give an entire afternoon to kneading loaves of homemade bread because your husbands looked weary this morning… You who sit down to color dinosaur pictures with your toddlers… You who sit at the piano for an hour trying to find the next line of a song nobody will ever hear… You who teach immigrants to read before they pass into an unknown future… You who sit down and write letters to Compassion children and add stickers to the bottoms of the pages… You writers of poems only five people read.” 
 Click HERE for the rest of the post.

4. Rebecca Reynolds (again–yes) on what we mean when we follow Jesus.  Read “This Dangerous Business” HERE.

5. Kimberlee Conway Ireton writes about the slow revelation of truth from Psalm 128
When you feel like ‘blessed be’ is just a lie….not from God, but maybe in you. Read the rest  HERE.


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things {Vol. 5}

  1. 'Love these nuggets you collect from the blogosphere, Jody. 'Was especially drawn to Rebecca Reynolds' post this time–went to her blog and finished reading it there. Such a talented, poetic writer with wise insight and gracious encouragement to share! Thank you!


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