My Favorite Things {Vol 6}

Mt. Rainier, Washington

‘My Favorite Things’–a sporadic gathering of posts you may have missed because they’re buried in The Middle Pages. You know what I mean, eight pages into the ‘A’ Section of the paper you find a story you think belongs on the Front Page.  “Why is that buried there? I almost missed it!”   Here are few thoughtful gleanings from the virtual pages of the interwebs. 
1) Lessons on Christian Vocation from Candace Payne “The Chewbacca Mom” (you saw her video, right?) on why Obedience, Diligence and Being Fit for God’s Call comes before offering the gifts God gives us. Nine minutes of Inspiration. (Candace leads worship at Red Oak Fellowship in Texas).

2) Why the World Needs Fairy Tales–Doug McKelvey at The Rabbit Room

Remembering What We Mean

3) A Perspective Adjustment on the Presidential Race–Rebecca Reynolds at Thistle and Toad

“After the Worst Political News You’ve Heard all Year”

4) How Bono, of U2 fame and author of “40”, was asked to wait….for Isaiah

Bono & Eugene Peterson–THE PSALMS  
Bono’s a cappela version of Psalm 23 is worth the 22 minutes of the video–get the beverage of your choice and enjoy!

5) A reminder that our souls need whitespace–from Ashley Hales
“But here and now, we are only left with hunger. We are left with noise. We are left with so much gaping space between the “already” here of the Kingdom of God and the “not yet” ache for its consummation.”
Tasting Beauty in the Suburbs


Glory Writer Alyssa Santos–painting the beauty of poppies unfurling
Have You Ever Seen a Poppy Pop?

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things {Vol 6}

  1. “rain on my soul” is an apt description, Michele. If you haven't read “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction” by Peterson, I'd highly recommend it. He writes about the Songs of Ascent–Psalms 120-134, I think. So powerful…I've underlined and dog-eared that book scores of times….let me know what you think.


  2. That conversation between Bono and Peterson was like rain on my soul. I love Peterson's writing and I really need to either re-read something of his this summer or venture into one of his books that I haven't read. Seeing the link here . . .I may go and watch it again.


  3. Thanks so much for the kind inclusion, Jody. I wrote on the Chewbacca mom too and I have linked to that Bono and Eugene Peterson video, too! We're on the same wavelength! I'm thankful for you.


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