These Non-Profits Champion Women & Families

P_20180513_170950_vHDR_OnYesterday in my daughter’s backyard we celebrated Mother’s Day. Hanging out under her hawthorn tree, iced drink in hand, listening to jazz tunes in the background, I felt richly blessed and grateful.

Not all women have children and therefore not technically mothers, and may not have their own family. For that reason, Mother’s Day is awkward and sometimes a sad day. But mothers or not, a l l women should be valued, for they are all made in God’s image.

That image of God’s likeness in the beauty of women is often lost in the chaos and destruction of life. Sin and disease, heartbreaking poverty and inadequate care all play a part in that loss. But there is hope to be found in the work of three non-profits championing the worth of women and families.

  1. Lulu Tree–Founder Emily W. Work in Uganda and Sierra Leone, Africa

The Lulu Tree’s mission is to prevent tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church.  This is accomplished by partnering with pastors so that they can care for their own families and their church families.

The church can then equip villages by providing community training including soap-making lessons, prayer clinics and community clean-ups, and health, hygiene and nutrition classes. Individual families can then be helped through micro loans, business training, and educational assistance.

The most vulnerable are protected when communities are equipped to care for their own, in the name of Christ. Strong families with roots in the local church form the foundation for thriving, happy children.

  • To learn more about Lulu Tree, click HERE. Donating to Lulu Tree includes support for teen moms to attend school, mama kits for pregnant teens and microloans for vulnerable women in the church.
  • To learn more about the origin of the Lulu Tree name, here is a short video with Emily. 

2. Mary’s Song New Orleans–Founder Pastor Parris Bailey

Mary’s Song Restoration Center for Women is a rehabilitation program that offers an opportunity for women to permanently change lives by Power of God. Mary’s Song is located in Metairie, Louisiana and is an exclusive faith based drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.

From their website: We specialize in the treatment of women ages 18 to 55 that struggle with substance abuse, alcohol addictions, and/or with other life controlling problems.

Mary’s Song provides a multi-faceted and personal alternative to standard free drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Housing 12 women during the first four phases of the program and only 4 in the fifth phase enables us to provide a home-like atmosphere with ample access to Pastoral counselors.

Mary’s Song is focused on individual attention, personal relationships, and the care of the whole woman, including:

  • Abstinence-based treatment
  • A total-wellness focus that includes nutrition and fitness
  • Celebrate recovery 12-step faith based program
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Weekly group therapy sessions
  • Completion of GED
  • Exercise and Nutrition Classes

For more information about supporting Mary’s Song through purchasing their organic skin care products, click HERE.

3) Love A Mama Collective–Including Bloggers for Birth Kits–Founder Adriel Booker

From Adriel:  Bloggers for Birth Kits was born to get clean birth kits into the hands of women who otherwise might be giving birth in mud. (Seriously? In the mud? Yes, friends, seriously. Just read dear Bokoro’s Story. She captured my heart like no mama ever has.)

In 2011, our first year, we collected thousands and thousands of clean birth kits and we haven’t stopped since. We’ve now broken the 14,000 mark and have resourced health care clinics and maternal health care outreaches in PNG, Nepal, India, the Pacific Islands, Togo, Uganda, and several other developing nations.


  • Established a midwifery scholarship to equip women in developing nations to serve and empower their own communities.
  • Purchased 3 medical backpacks, outfitted with midwifery and other primary health care supplies.
  • Received over 130 ring slings for women of the Bamu River region of the Western Province, Papua New Guinea
  • Resourced the Youth With a Mission Medical Ship with medical supplies and resources for women and staff on the ship.

To find out more about Love a Mama collective and how you can support them, click HERE.

To learn more about Adriel’s book “Grace Scarlett–Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss” click HERE.

– – –

There is so much joy in the world and beautiful work being done to help

women and children all over the world.

I hope you’ll consider what y o u might do to help–and now you’ll know where to start. 

God bless!

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