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This is third in a series, “5 Questions for…”, conversations with Christian writers of color. (You can read my other two interviews HERE-with Deidra Riggs and Sophfronia Scott).

I met Sheila Rowe at the Festival of Faith & Writing in April 2018 (pictured above in red, between poet Luci Shaw and writer Michelle Van Loon). Sheila was one of the featured readers at a book launch party for “The Wonder Years—40 Women Over 40,” an anthology edited by Leslie Leyland Fields.

Though she is quiet and low key in person, Sheila is a gentle powerhouse for Jesus. I chatted with her briefly after the party, remarking on the essay in “The Wonder Years” about her time living in Africa. The gathering was too short and I wanted to get to know her better. When I returned home to Seattle, I reached out about interviewing her. She said yes and I’m so grateful she did. I learned a lot first hand about what it’s like to be a Christian and an African American in our country right now, and how particularly to pray.

Here are 5 Questions for Sheila, but this time her responses are via audio (right below the list of questions.)

I hope you’ll take 10 minutes to listen and be informed, encouraged and inspired. (And find out about her Paris designer thrift store find!)

1.       Tell us about the Cyrene Movement. On your website it says the focus of your ministry is three-fold, to “Heal Racial Trauma – Realize Potential – Embrace Community.” How did this work come about? 

2.       The tagline of your first book, The Well of Life is, Heal Your Pain, Satisfy Your Thirst, Live Your Purpose. Tell us about that second phrase–Satisfy Your Thirst.

3.       You recently signed a book contract with Intervarsity Press. Tell us about the subject and how you came to write it.
4.       You are a gifted and anointed counselor as well as a very adventurous spirit. Tell us about your ‘day job’ at Rehoboth House that focuses on counseling and transformation.
5.       Lastly, you and I have a common love of thrift stores–what’s the most memorable find you ever purchased from a secondhand store?
You can read more about Sheila’s work and ministry on her website HERE. 

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2 thoughts on “5 Questions for… Sheila Wise Rowe

  1. Listened to the audio while I made breakfast this morning! So good to hear about all the Sheila is doing, and it sounds as if she’s also a New England girl now!

    1. Michele, wasn’t that interesting? I enjoyed getting to know more about Sheila and what God’s done through her work and her life. ((and yes, she and her family live in Massachusetts. Good guess.))

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