When Blogging is a Bridge not a Book

Log house, Plain, WA When I christened this blog ‘Three Way Light’ almost four years ago I had a phrase in mind from Phyllis Theroux. She was discussing her newest book “The Journal Keeper”, recounting how she’d chronicled her life via journaling. (Poets and Writers, Mar/April 2010.) Theroux explained she didn’t write about everything…. but … Continue reading When Blogging is a Bridge not a Book

My Favorite Things {Vol Three}

‘My Favorite Things’–a sporadic gathering of posts you may have missed because they’re buried in The Middle Pages. You know what I mean, eight pages into the ‘A’ Section of the paper you find a story you think belongs on the Front Page.  “Why is that buried there? I almost missed it!”   Here are few thoughtful gleanings from the virtual pages … Continue reading My Favorite Things {Vol Three}

When Your Words Match Your Life

The origin of the word ‘journal’ is from Old French–“jornel” meaning ‘daily.’ In Latin the word is ‘diurnalis’, prompting our English word ‘diary.’ A journal is “a record of daily events, a day book, a ship’s log.” People, myself included, used to ‘keep’ a journal, a place to collect important events, timely thoughts, the occasional … Continue reading When Your Words Match Your Life