• Morrissey, Lynn Diane

    Jody, such a lovely poem, and I especially love the last line. Jesus did come as the gentle Savior and “gentled the world awake” through the example of His life of tenderness and compassion, and He suffered and died anything but a gentle death to redeem us all. And, wow, this: “. . . grace that would forever go against the grain.” And it does, in so many ways . . . thinking we have to perform works to earn our way to salvation, adding something (*anything*) to this free (yet costly to Him) gift of grace to be saved, thinking that once we’ve received it, we still must keep working to pay for and keep this gift throughout our lives, thinking we are too unworthy to approach His throne of grace after we have become Christians and yet sin, in not extending this same munificent grace to those who sin against us . . . ” And I could go on, but it’s all, indeed, going against the grain, the grain of grace. His flesh was laid bare once for all as it was nailed against the rough grain of a cruel cross. And God said,”It is finished.” And because He went against the grain of our sin, no longer do we need to go against the grain of His grace. But we can bow down, say thank you, and worship!

    Thank you for this Christmas gift from your poetic pen.

    Merry CHristmas, Jody!

    • Jody Lee Collins

      Lynn, what a mystery, this “munificent grace” is, indeed. Thank you for letting me know how much this poem spoke to you. It seemed like an especially fruitful poem-writing task. Merry Christmas!

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