A Prayer for America {a #poem}

I wish I could collect
the light, landing its shadows
on this page as it creeps
ever brighter through the gray.
Pour it out to wash my heart,
salve the wound of this
present heaviness, the sighs
that never end.Hold it lightly aloft, praying
no sharp wind or
quiet, steady breeze
snuff it out, for we
need it so.Father, carry us,
ferry us through storms,
silent and proud as we
shine hope in the right
up ward.

Send us, spread us
like the daily sure rising
of your sun, that moves ever
on into the distant dark.

In this holiday week as we celebrate the country’s independence it seems that all manner of circumstances would give us reason to despair. I’m choosing more often than not to turn off the news and turn to prayer over my kitchen sink instead.
May God Bless America.

3 thoughts on “A Prayer for America {a #poem}

  1. Nancy Ruegg

    Beautiful and inspiring, Jody. “As we shine hope in the right direction–people-ward, up ward.” What a sacred privilege to reflect the hope of Jesus in OUR hearts to those around us, and also to the Source of our Hope as we worship him. With you, Jody, I pray, “Send us, spread us!” Help us to shine for you, God!

  2. Michele Morin

    Always so good to keep praying for our country. Thanks for the reminder.


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