A Scandalous Exchange

Been planning TO DO THIS
for a month of Sundays times twelve,
times four. Well,
a LOT of months…
Do the impossible
(for is He not the God of impossible?)
Pay the price to clear the title
retire the debt
claim the property
free and clear,
declare it owned with our
names on The Deed.

Coins and cold, hard cash
complete the process–
copies of the Contract,
slips of paper printed in indelible ink,
signed by People in Charge
proving the price has been
Paid in Full.
(I have a receipt to prove it.)
Thinking about my Jesus
who claimed me as
His own
and, after considering the cost
and the time it would take,
paid the price for my life in Full,
signing my name in his Book.
Paid my debt
Redeeming my cold, hard heart
with his priceless

A scandalous exchange.

c. Jody Lee Collins 2012

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4 thoughts on “A Scandalous Exchange

  1. Brian Miller

    first congrats on eliminating the debt…that def feels good…now take that same feeling too to the debts he paid…oh yeah…smiles.


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