A very clean 2013

Well, it seems that way
Clean and all.
Open, blank, unwritten on.

And the smashing white/blue
sky is limitless today.
How unlike
our skies to be that
this day.

But it is (a gift!
Thank you, God.)

SO, making the most
of a Beautiful Good Thing
I will do what any
ordinary human ought to do.

Start well
by cleaning the bathrooms (check)
balancing two months’ of the checkbook
(almost check)
and pruning the overgrown
out of shape
too tall branches on the
pink blooming viburnum
sure as it’s January,
always blooms pink for me
just when I need it.

Linking with dVerse Poets Open Link Night–
first of the New Year.
More inspiring words over there….

6 thoughts on “A very clean 2013

  1. Oh Karin–we DID have snow on the ground (for one whole week) this time last year. So you can see my joy at the blue skies and warm-ish weather that permitted me to go outside today:-)Why, it got up to 38 degrees.Yes, I'm guessing warmer than Manitoba.

  2. Can't imagine pruning in January — we're snow covered now until April/May/June — who knows. Have to love Manitoba.

  3. I've been doing a LOT of cleaning today… hopefully it's a sign for a clear year. Thanks for your sweet comment on poem.

  4. smiles…happy new year to you..perhaps those skies are a portent of what is to come for us this year…

  5. Ha! You're right about our blue skies today. Awesome, I'm loving it! I really enjoyed your write Jody–Happy 2013 to you 🙂

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